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Exclusively for content creators with only fans, other adult subscriptions sites, and influencers


1.We value you.


We know you have a lot of choices. We appreciate your willingness and choice to work with our team.


2. Your body. Your choices.


We will never ask you to do something you are uncomfortable with.  While, we are of course a boudoir photography studio, everything from outfits to posing to posting is UP. TO. YOU.  We will of course guide you through the process... or maybe you are a pro and you guide us!  This should be a fun collaborative experience that we all walk away from as friends.  After all, we want you to come back and refer all of your friends <3

3. You will get your full digital gallery and have the opportunity to have content removed completely.


During a shoot, sometimes you may worry about wanting to try out a pose or outfit because of fear of it getting out and going against your brand.  But, we would NEVER post without your consent.  If we end up shooting something that you decide does not represent you how you want to be seen... we delete it! It's as easy as that!

4. Yes, you are a model... but you are still human!!!

We have an all female staff.  We get the vulnerability of standing in front of a stranger in your lingerie.  Our promise to you is that we will never go beyond your comfort level, pressure you to go against your brand, or do anything but have an awesome time creating awesome on brand content!

5. How does it work?

Come in for your shoot, and within 5 days you will get your full digital gallery!  You decide what you want for your edits, we are happy to create any style you are looking for! Our edit form is very detailed and you can view it here for reference.


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