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Boudoir Photography Las Vegas 

Boudoir Photography FAQs

Boudoir photographs are more than just portraits. They’re a celebration of you, your body, and your unique beauty. It’s a way of acknowledging your self-love, confidence, and femininity.


Every woman can be the subject of boudoir photography — regardless of age, measurements, or body type because every woman is beautiful. But to get boudoir photographs that truly capture the curves and features that make you you, you need to find and work with an experienced boudoir photographer who celebrates your womanhood and knows how to make you get out of your comfort zone and portray you in the most flattering way!


I’m Alli Murphy, an experienced boudoir photographer in Las Vegas who has worked with a broad range of strong and empowered women — doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, mothers. I help gorgeous women feel comfortable to show off their beautiful bodies and celebrate themselves through classy classy boudoir photography.


Whether you’re looking to take offer these gorgeous images to your significant other or you’re doing the shoot to celebrate yourself and reinforce your self-love, we can help. Whatever brings you to Alli Murphy Boudoir photography studio in Las Vegas, you come out feeling more confident, empowered, and beautiful.


Looking for top notch Las Vegas boudoir photographers?


If you’re ready to invest in YOU, reach out to us today, and let’s talk about how we can help.

What Boudoir Photography is All About

Boudoir photography is more than just a portrait photoshoot. It’s an exploration of your beauty in an authentic and inspiring experience. A boudoir photoshoot is an avenue for everyday women to express their self-love and freedom, highlighting them and bringing out their beauty and confidence.

Boudoir photography is all about the masterpiece that is you. Every photo shoot with us is a special and personal journey that captures your authentic sexy in an artistic, creative, elegant, and distinct photograph that you can cherish forever and serve as a reminder of your beauty and perfection.


Alli Murphy Boudoir photography is for every woman — the strong, the unique, the beautiful, and the sexy. We create stunning photographs that help you recognize and appreciate your body and document your growth and the changes that mark important milestones in your life. Rest assured that you will come out of every session with us feeling empowered, confident, and beautiful, with a newfound love for yourself and the body that you are in. Let’s celebrate “you” together and bring light to your true beauty.

Why should I choose AMP?

We have been in business since 2014. What started out as a photography studio has changed into a mission to change women’s lives. We have empowered more than 300+ women every year and with each women who comes through our doors, that is one more changed life. Our staff will soothe your fears and in minutes you will feel like you are hanging out with old friends. First you will take a seat in our makeup and hair chair, and then progress into the photo session. By the time you are with us through hair and makeup, you will forget you were even nervous! This is all about your comfort level, so we will work with you to encourage you to be your best self throughout the entire experience!

How much is this BOUDOIR SHOOT?

The deposit for your experience is $250. This includes professional hair & makeup plus 2 professionally retouched high resolution images.

You are welcome to purchase additional images and products, however there is no obligation. We believe in being in the budget for every woman. In order to do so, we offer in house, interest free, no credit check, payment plans. We can break your payments up to a comfortable monthly installments!

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Arrive at your scheduled time - hair and makeup will be done first and then you will move to your session after.

How long will my appointment take?

We always say allow for three hours total. Hair and makeup will take about an hour to an hour and a half depending on your hair length and then your photo session will be about an hour. We like to give a cushion for anything unforseen.

What should I wear?

We encourage you to bring your own outfits, however we have a client closet that you can borrow from if you decide you want to browse our selection! Boudoir photos usually include wearing lingerie, however you can make the session your own!! You can bring anything that you feel would be fun and sexy! There are more details on what to wear in our pricing guide - it has all of the tips you will need for your outfit choices!

How long does it take to get my pictures back?

Your proofs will be available for you to view within a week. You will view your images from home, and select the images that you want! Two images are included with your experience, and it is at this time that you can purchase more images or products.

When should I book?

We recommend booking as soon as possible as this is a luxury experience that books up quickly.

Where are shoots done?

Our studio is completely private and located in the Las Vegas Arts District

Address: 1027 S. Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

We can book on location (a house or hotel) for an additional fee.

Are my photos private?

Absolutely! Unless you sign a release form your photos are completely private!

What should I do with my photos?

Put them in an album, save them to your phone, share them with your friends and S.O... keep them private just for you!!! We have tons of options and can help you decide once you see your final images!

How to Get the Best Boudoir PictureS

A lot of things come into play to yield a stunning boudoir picture that flaunts your body and reflects photography elements that add mood and meaning to a photograph. Your photographer’s experience, equipment, studio, etc. all matter. But perhaps the most significant elements of a boudoir photograph are lighting and posing.

Don’t get me wrong — you don’t need the experience to model for a boudoir photo shoot. I can help you select the right location, find the right lighting, and direct you on poses that highlight you and everything that makes you unique. I love adding drama to a photograph by playing with lighting that wraps around your curves and shows off your body.

We’ll guide you through the process, from wardrobe to posing, making you feel like a supermodel and capturing the essence of what makes you beautiful. We’ll provide all the furnishings and make you look amazing — all you really need to do is to show up and have fun!

Lighting and Posing for Boudoir Photography in Las Vegas

My experience and expertise in boudoir photography in Las Vegas have equipped me with all the lighting and posing hacks that yield stunning pictures. And working with me gives you inside tips on all of them!

During photoshoots, I like to experiment with different lighting sources, from natural light to direct lighting sources, as well as exploring different angles so the light wraps around you and highlights your best features. We will also work with furniture and props to create a story and add drama to your photos.

Boudoir photography is not only for models but for every woman who is proud of her body and is confident in who she is. So don’t worry about not knowing how to pose for boudoir shoots — we’ll guide you through it, telling you where to look and how to bend your body to lure the camera and achieve the best results. My goal is to show off all your beautiful features, make you feel confident and sexy, and empower you through the experience and beyond. This is how you celebrate your body and your femininity, and we can help explore that with you.

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