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BEAUTY BLOG - Kylie Lip Kit - Alli Murphy Photography

Kourtney... Kim... Khloe... Kendall... Kylie...

The sisters we all love to hate. But, when it comes to beauty tips - the Kardashian empire never disappoints!

As the Kardashians start to fade, the new craze stems from The JENNERS!

Kendall gained some notoriety when she became a model, making her debut into the Victoria's Secret family. But, all anyone seems to be talking about lately is Kylie Cosmetics!

Today, I am going to touch on the Kylie Lip Kit.

I couldn't be more passionate about these kits. The reason is because THE PRODUCT ACTUALLY WORKS! Why do I RAVE about this product? Hmm... most of us that have hectic jobs or are stay at home mommies are not exactly worried about reapplying a lip color! Who cares? We want to look pretty without all the maintenance. You can put the lipstick on in the morning, eat and drink without the color coming off! Heck, even at the end of the day... you have to take a makeup wipe and truly wipe your lipstick off!

For those of you who own a product of hers, you know the struggle of having to wait around for the release time! Almost all products sell out world wide approximately 7 minutes after the time it's released!

Once you receive her product in the mail, the excitement to use it is almost overwhelming. But, what happens when the product itself is underwhelming? How do we achieve the Kylie look, without Kylie's signature lips?

I mean, lets face it... we aren't all blessed with naturally ;) plump lips like all of the Kardashian/Jenner girls are. And, surgery is definitely not always the answer, or in the budget!


  1. Always apply lip liner on the OUTSIDE of your actual lip line

  • This will instantly make your lips appear bigger and really pop!​

  1. Apply lip liner all the way around, including the outer creases

  2. To make your lips appear fuller, apply a darker lip color on outer edges and a lighter one in the middle (TRUST ME, IT WORKS)

  3. Apply lipstick and carefully wait about 10 seconds for it to dry

  • I​t is shaped as though it's a gloss which makes it much easier to apply, yet dries matte. There is absolutely NO gloss to these lipsticks.

  1. If you want to, apply one of Kylie's lip glosses over it to eliminate the matte feeling

  2. Smile big and check your teeth for left over stains!

  3. Use a darker color such as "Spice" for a big night out, and then use a makeup wipe at the end of the night to take it off... you'll have a pretty pinkish stain for the next day!

Whats the trick to buying a Kylie Lip Kit?

  1. Go onto about 3 minutes before release time

  2. Be patient

  3. Put the color in your cart as soon as possible

  4. Keep refreshing your page

  • The site doesn't keep charging you. It just puts you ahead of all the other people competing for the color!

  1. Follow @KylieLipKitUpdates on Instagram

  • I know what you're thinking ladies and yes, someone actually made this account... but it gives you the inside scoop on all of the new colors and release dates!

Sounds kind of ridiculous once you say it out loud... but once you get the Lip Kit, you will see why she's so successful. If you can wait for the kit and don't want to be stressed, you can simply wait about 30 days for the kit to be on her website for anyone to buy at anytime.

These lip kits last months and months. No need to buy multiple of the same color. The only thing I would recommend doing would be to buy extra lip liners as Kylie just started selling them separately as well as in the kit. Glosses are also sold separately. There is no way to sharpen the liner so once it's out, you need a new one. The liner makes the WHOLE look!

Below are my top 5 favorite looks and combinations...


Posie K

Kourt K mixed with "Literally"

Mary Jo K mixed with "Like"

Leo mixed with "Like" gloss

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