Miss K.

Usually... it is my job to make the client feel comfortable and laugh to get relaxed... but not with Miss K. She is a comedian, and she had the whole room roaring with laughter! After hair and makeup was done, her giggles continued into our shoot.

Our biggest giggle was when Shania Twain's famous, "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" came on. I always thought that was a sexy, empowering song for a boudoir session... but with Miss K. I was wrong! Sometimes when I tell a client to be serious, they giggle and need a minute to gain their composure... but the roles in this session reversed, as I was not even able to shoot until I calmed down from our laughing session!

How did you feel before you came in for your shoot?

Oh man, I was so nervous! When I walked in the first person I met was Rosanna who did my hair. She was so warm, encouraging, and open about her shoot with Alli. She immediately made me feel welcome and excited to get started (not to mention she made my hair look amazing!).

What made you choose Alli Murphy Photography?

I actually had been back and fourth for years about doing a boudoir shoot, being a plus size gal I was so worried about my curves being shown in a positive light. Finally, I got the guts to go for it and began my research! I spoke to one other studio before I saw Alli had her own studio. I had known Alli from high school and always thought she was the coolest. Choosing her was a no-brainer!

Tell us your favorite part of your experience...Selfishly, I was really excited to be doing something for myself. I feel like everyone always thinks to ask "oh who is the shoot for?" , now I love my fiancee and all, but the shoot was 100% for me. Once in a while you have to stop beating yourself up over your body and be like "hey, I look pretty good right now."

How did you feel after your session, before you saw your photos? After my session I didn't want to leave. I could have played dress up all day

How did you feel after you got to see your photos for the first time?I If I were to imagine the "best case scenario" wouldn't come close to how amazing the photos actually were. I really didn't believe it was me! I must have asked Alli 4 times if she was sure it was me in the photos.

Was this a gift for someone? What was their reaction?

I ended up making a photo box for my fiancee as a "night before the wedding" gift. We still have a few more weeks before the big day but I can't wait for his reaction.

Any additional thoughts or comments?

If you're thinking about doing a boudoir shoot- just do it! You will not be sorry! Big, small, round, square every body is beautiful and Alli perfectly captures and celebrates that. Go get 'em!

Photography by Alli Murphy Photography

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