Miss R

How did you feel before you came in for your shoot?

Nervous, anxious and somewhat embarrassed

What made you choose Alli Murphy Photography?

I chose Alli Murphy because of all of the positive feedback I read from testimonials of prior 'models'. But frankly, my decision was made easier because I wanted a female photographer. And, yes, I was looking in to other companies for my shoot. I have actually wanted to do this for several years and have looked in to various places across Long Island...

Tell us your favorite part of your experience...

My favorite part of my shoot was how comfortable I felt so quickly... made possible by the relaxed and casual atmosphere presented by Alli and her crew

How did you feel after your session, before you saw your photos?

Walking out of the studio I felt elated. I was relieved, and somewhat proud of myself that I "bit the bullet" and actually followed through with it! I recall being a tad anxious though. I had trepidations that I might have felt more sexy than I actually would appear on paper...

How did you feel after you got to see your photos for the first time?

I felt dumb for having a single doubt about my photos... they were astonishing! I left my reveal meeting with Alli speechless and very impressed.

What are your thoughts on your final photos/product?

I knew that I would love my final product but had no idea just how in-love with it I would truly be. I purchased a leather-bound book (small one) and think that it was the perfect choice to display the variety of photos I chose. Alli has a true eye for beauty and the layout of the pages turned out to be perfection!

Was this a gift for someone? What was their reaction?

Now this is my absolute favorite part: I purchased this book as a wedding anniversary gift for my husband (2nd year married, 10th year as a couple). My husband is a Fine Arts major and is always seeking out the beauty in things. When I presented him with this gift his expression was that of an artist witnessing a true piece of art. The smile on his face lit up the room. He didn't speak for several moments and just scanned every inch of every page. I was staring at his expression with great anxiety, waiting for a verbal reaction... When he finally spoke I swear he had tears in his eyes. He uttered one single word: exquisite! He need not say more after that (although he eventually found more words of praise). Being an artist, every once and again I find him with his sketchbook in hand, my gift at his side, sketching the images of me from the book he finds the most sexy... He often says to me that this was the best, most intimate gift he could have ever received. This, alone, makes me have zero regrets about this decision. It will truly last a lifetime.

Any additional thoughts or comments?

My lingering thought before arriving at my photo shoot was that I am by no means the definition of a "skinny girl" nor am I in my 20s anymore; my photos are bound to reveal anything but sex-appeal. I literally ate zero food for 24 hours straight leading up to the moment of my shoot because I wanted to appear as slender as humanly possible. I realize now that I could have eaten a 3-course meal just moments prior and Alli still would have captured the sexiest "me" possible. Through all of the worry and hesitation, it would have been a big mistake to not have gone and gone this

Advice for future #boudiegirls??

Do this for you! Even though my end-goal was to present my husband with a glorious/unexpected present, the end-result was me feeling happier with myself than I have felt in years I have shown my book to a select few women in my life (mom, best-friend, etc.) and all of them are contemplating shoots of their own. I cannot wait for the day that they actually make their booking. It is a worthwhile experience to have, no matter what your body type!

Photography by Alli Murphy Photography

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