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Miss D - Alli Murphy Photography

How did you feel before you came in for your shoot?

I was excited and little nervous at the same time.

What made you choose Alli Murphy Photography?

I choose Alli from the great reviews and because it was a women taking the photos.

Tell us your favorite part of your experience...

My favorite part was changing into different outfits and look different

How did you feel after your session, before you saw your photos?

I felt so good after my session, that no matter how you look you are still beautiful

How did you feel after you got to see your photos for the first time?

I was in shocked when I saw the photos because I look totally different

What are your thoughts on your final photos/product?

Loved it

Was this a gift for someone? What was their reaction?

The gift is for my boyfriend of many years.

Advice for future #boudiegirls?

Be yourself and enjoy the experience

Photography by Alli Murphy Photography

Hair and Makeup by Darian of Makeup by Darian Marie

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