Miss L

How did you feel before you came in for your shoot?

Unbelieveably nervous. This was an anniversary present for my husband but it was also something I always wanted to do. I give myself weight loss goal rewards and this on the one for losing 190lbs. So I was definitely anxious about being in lingerie in front of someone, how the photos where going to come out and if my body wasn't right for this.

What made you choose Alli Murphy Photography?

A mutual friend referred me to a Facebook group and I lived close to you Amityville studio. I drove past all the time and finally decided to do it for our anniversary.

Tell us your favorite part of your experience...

Posing! It was a lot of fun.

How did you feel after your session, before you saw your photos?

Nervous about how they were going to look. I've always been hyper critical and self conscious so I was definitely nervous!

How did you feel after you got to see your photos for the first time?

I was in awe. Alli gave me a few sneak peeks through her camera viewer but I couldn't believe how they came out.

What are your thoughts on your final photos/product?

Beautiful! Can't believe it's me.

Was this a gift for someone? What was their reaction?

My husband absolutely loved it. He can't wait to pick out the photos for his flip book.

Advice for future #boudiegirls?

Coming from 350lbs I was super scared that extra skin from the weight loss, scars and other things Im severely self conscious about where going to come through and ruin the photos. Not only did I not see any of that, these photos truly made me feel beautiful. Just have fun and relax. If Alli is asking you do to something that may feel ridiculous just trust her. It comes out amazing! Thank you.

Photography by Alli Murphy Photography

Hair and Makeup by Darian of Makeup by Darian Marie

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