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Miss N

How did you feel before you came in for your shoot?

I was actually very excited to do something so out of my comfort zone for once!

What made you choose Alli Murphy Photography?

The fact that Alli and her wonderful staff encourage all women to be confident and love who they are i felt is just so relateable to my own work that i just truly felt a connection.

Tell us your favorite part of your experience...

My favorite part was probably all my accessories i brought. The veils, jewlery really made the whole set up real and truly brought my vision together.

How did you feel after your session, before you saw your photos?

I felt actually very confident Katie my photographer was amazing. I think we laughed my whole session. She would get so excited about certain pics and run to show me sneek previews.

How did you feel after you got to see your photos for the first time?

I was again extremely excited and was beyond happy with how they came out.

What are your thoughts on your final photos/product?

I am extremely happy with how all my choices had been edited and mounted.

Was this a gift for someone? What was their reaction?

This was for my fiance who has told me how beautiful i am throughout all my weight trials and tribulations.

Advice for future #boudiegirls?

Do not set yourself up to think your not meant to do this. I guarantee you will be 100x satisfied with the results of your session.

Photography by Alli Murphy Photography

Hair and Makeup by Darian of Makeup by Darian Marie

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