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How to Shoot Boudoir Photography at Home?

Some women go to salons to get a fresh new look and feel like a stronger and more beautiful version of themselves — other women indulge in a boudoir photography session. Boudoir photography has recently become popular among women as a means to celebrate their bodies and reinforce their self-love and confidence. It’s become a way to empower women and reassure them of their beauty — regardless of their body type, measurements, color, or imperfections.

A boudoir photoshoot is all about the experience, which means that even without a seasoned photographer, a high-end camera, or a studio full of props, you can indulge in a boudoir shoot yourself and yield captivating photos that highlight everything that makes you unique.

If you’ve been wanting to DIY a boudoir photography session, here are some tips to elevate the experience and get the best results.

Choose a Clean Backdrop

Boudoir photoshoots are usually done in intimate settings, such as a studio or your bedroom. Wherever you decide to take your photos, make sure that you opt for a clean background that’s free from clutter or distracting elements. You want your shot to highlight you and your body, without all the bells and whistles of a messy or loud background.

Find Creative Light Sources

Lighting has the power to completely upscale a photograph. It adds flair, drama, and depth to what otherwise would be just a plain picture. You want to play around with lighting in your boudoir photo shoot.

Look for a spot that gets a lot of natural light, ideally near a window. Think about the direction of your light source as well, depending on how you want your photo to come out. For example, if you want a silhouette type of image that highlights the shape of your body, your light source should be positioned behind you. If you’re looking to enhance your features, side lighting is the way to go.

Set Up Your Camera

Selfies have no place in a boudoir photoshoot! To make the pictures look as professionally taken as possible, consider getting a tripod with a remote. That way, you can just set up your camera in one place and click away to take your shots. This helps you get in the flow and eliminates the need to stand and reset the timer every so often.

Choose Your Outfits

Part of the boudoir photography experience is wearing clothes that make you feel sexy, beautiful, and confident. While lingerie is the first clothing of choice, don’t limit yourself to just underwear. Other pieces with varying textures and hues will translate well in a photograph and reflect the mood you’re going for.

Some outfits you can add to your arsenal include an oversized t-shirt, leather jacket, sweater, etc. Just make sure to avoid loud colors and patterns. Keep eyes on your body by sticking to minimalist and edgy apparel options.

Experiment With Different Poses

Posing can be considered the most challenging aspect of a boudoir photoshoot. It’s advisable that you do some preparation beforehand by seeking pose inspirations from models or other boudoir subjects. You can also practice different poses in front of the mirror and pay attention to how your body changes in shape.

Mind Your Facial Expressions

Boudoir photography is all about striking the balance between your body’s beauty and your facial expressions. Even while you take on arched poses or flaunt your features in front of the camera, make sure that your face is telling the same story.

Flaunt Your Body

Your body is the most important part of your boudoir photograph — after all, celebrating it is what the genre is all about! There are many features of you that are worthy of attention, such as your neck, back, and curves. Don’t limit yourself to just a headshot or full body shot, give your other body parts a taste of the spotlight as well!

Enjoy the Process

Last but certainly not least, make sure to enjoy the process. Boudoir photography is not just about yielding stunning photos. More so, it’s about cherishing the experience and letting the feeling of empowerment and strength take over you. Throughout your DIY boudoir photoshoot, focus on what really matters — celebrating your body and cherishing the moment.


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