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What to Wear for Your Boudoir Photography Shoot

A boudoir photoshoot is a very personal experience. Women can pose how they want, explore new traits and personalities, and wear clothes that accentuate their best features and make them feel sexy and confident!

Because of the intimate and sensual nature of boudoir photography, a lot of people think that lingerie is required attire. However, there are many options when it comes to clothing, accessories, as well as props.

Ultimately, you should dress in what makes you feel the best about your body — whether lingerie, fitted clothes, a sexy dress, stocking, etc. If you need a little more advice from an experienced boudoir photographer on the best attire for your boudoir photography shoot, let me give you some ideas.

Suggested Clothes and Accessories for Boudoir Photoshoots

Any of these items can make the perfect attire for your boudoir photo shoot, and the best thing is that you’ll likely have some or all of these in your closet:

  • Sexy dresses

  • Heels or boots

  • Tight, skinny jeans

  • Oversized button-up shirt

  • Off-shoulder tops

  • Leather or denim jackets

  • Sexy undergarments

  • Silk robes

  • Fishnet stockings

  • Garter belts

  • Lingerie

  • Dainty jewelry

Ultimately, look for clothes in your closet that make you have the flirty, edgy, sexy, or sensual vibe, depending on the personality that you want to bring to the table!

Tips When Choosing Attire for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Any attire that makes you feel the sexiest will work for a boudoir photo shoot. Throughout my years of experience as a boudoir photographer, I found what types of clothing and accessories work best for the camera. Here are my top tips to help you choose the best attire.

Consider Texture

While plain cotton clothing can work, it’s a good idea to play with different textures and designs that can accentuate your features better. Lace is a favorite in boudoir photography because it can give a sensual, classy, and more sophisticated vibe. You can also consider chiffon, bead-work, embroidery, and other interesting textures to add tactility and depth to your photos.

Always choose texture over prints, since loud designs and patterns can distract the eye from you and your body — which is what boudoir is all about! Also, avoid clothes with logos or loud graphics.

Opt for Fitted Clothing

The main purpose of boudoir photography is to show off your body — with all its curves, lines, and shapes! You don’t want to hide all that beauty under baggy and oversized clothes unless that is the look that you’re going for. Go for fitted clothing that hugs your body and shows off your figure.

You can also play around with different fits. For example, a tight-fitted top will look great with a balloon skirt as it can show off your waist a bit more. As a general rule, skip the large, baggy tops and go for something more form-fitting. The only exception is oversized blouses that give off a casually sexy look.

Find Clothes With a Flattering Neckline

Slightly revealing clothes always work best in boudoir shoots because they give a sneak peek of your gorgeous features. Instead of sticking with a simple crew neck top, consider plunging or V-neck lines. These can give more structure to your wardrobe and flatter your chest.

Choose Your Undergarments Wisely

It’s easy to forget about particularities in your undergarments when you’re too busy selecting the best outerwear for your boudoir shoot. But don’t forget to consider the colors, textures, and structures of the underwear and bra you’ll be wearing.

Some basic things to keep in mind:

  • Black bras should be reserved for dark outwear

  • Choose nude bras over white

  • Consider a nipple tape to minimize the risk of straps showing in photos


Accessories can bring so much more personality to your photos and add more life to your outfit — no matter how plain! Prepare some props like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hats, and body wraps.

Find Clothes That Make You Feel Sexy and Beautiful

Remember: your boudoir photo shoot is all about you, so dress in clothing that makes you feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable. Make sure that you find pieces that highlight your best features and show off your beautiful body!


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