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The Best Boudoir Photography Accessories for an Exciting Shoot

Photographs are memories, frozen in time. They help us remember events that are dear to us, and boudoir photography is no exception. These pictures help women feel beautiful and noticed by other women and men. They help women feel comfortable in their skin and appreciate themselves. The photos serve a dual purpose and make excellent gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

It’s crucial to choose an experienced photographer who has knowledge and experience in this particular art form. It’s also vital to hire a photographer who can help you get over your timidity and nervousness to make your boudoir session exciting and fun. It helps if you know about some of the best boudoir photography accessories you may want to bring or ask if they provide, to ensure your photos tell your story. In this post, we’ll look at the top accessories that will heat up your shoot.

Light Modifiers

Boudoir shoots can be held in a variety of different locations, but, like us, a studio is common. For day shoots we use available natural light for classic, soft, ethereal photos. However, depending on the season and the time of day, light modifiers can be necessary. In our night shoots we use regular and colored artificial lighting to flatter your features. We use shadows and highlights to bring out or build curves, shape the body, and accentuate bone structure.

A Simple Sheet

A bed sheet can be the sexiest accessory in boudoir. Strategic draping and covering of the body makes for beautiful photos with a hint of mystery. Those who like the idea of being nude but don’t feel comfortable baring it all can use a sheet to cover as much or as little as they like! Almost every client of ours requests a white sheet photo, and we are happy to oblige!


Jewelry can be a great addition to a boudoir shoot ensemble. Whether you love a statement piece or like to keep it small and simple, sparkly accents draw attention to your best assets. Some of the best accessories for the shoot include necklaces and earrings. Necklaces with long chains are ideal for draping around the neck or playing suggestively with your fingers or mouth. They also highlight the cleavage and are the focal point of exciting boudoir shots where the rest of the body is out of focus. You can even drape a long chain or pearls down your back for a sexy and unexpected look.

Luxurious Blanket and Fabrics

Silk, fur, and other cozy fabrics make excellent boudoir photography accessories, and we’ve got plenty of them at our studio. You can lay on them or wrap them around you, letting them fall strategically in all the right places, revealing just the right amount of skin. A robe is also a popular accessory on set. They are a fun alternative to wearing lingerie, and you can cover as little or as much as you like.

Veils, Garters and Bridal Accessories

Most brides enjoy showcasing their wedding accessories in their boudoir shoot. A veil and garter are two popular choices. A beautiful shot can be taken when the client poses with their veil spread out behind them and the photo is taken from the back. A garter highlights your legs, and is the perfect accessory when paired with a pair of heels. Don’t forget your engagement ring! We have a few different veils, pearl necklaces, and other bridal accessories available at our studio for client use.

In Summary

Choosing the best boudoir accessories for your shoot is critical for showing your personality! We always welcome you to bring props and items that are meaningful to you, or items that help you express yourself! We guarantee we’ll capture your beauty and uniqueness perfectly!


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