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What is Boudoir Style Photography?

Among the different studio photography genres is boudoir, a merge of fashion and glamour photography styles. By nature, it is characterized by intimate and sensual photographs of women, often in lingerie or fierce clothing that makes them feel confident and beautiful.

Boudoir is a French word that means “a woman’s bedroom or private room,” which can be attributed to common boudoir photography settings and locations. This intimate photography genre has been around for decades and has taken off in popularity in recent years. Although it seems intimidating at first glance, there is a lot of meaning behind boudoir photography and why women all over the world should experience it.

What is Boudoir Photography All About?

Boudoir photography seems like a common fashion editorial shoot that’s escalated in terms of sexuality and intimacy. But more than just a stunning and slightly revealing photo, boudoir is a form of self-expression. Women consider it as an act of self-love and confidence — a way for them to celebrate womanhood and embrace their bodies.

Women are treating themselves to boudoir photography sessions because of the experience rather than the output. Posing in attire that makes them feel sexy and confident, gazing at the camera with eyes showing strength and power, and showing off their bodies with all the curves and lines, is an empowering experience that exudes personality and confidence.

Coming out of a boudoir photography session makes a woman feel refreshed and empowered, with a newfound love and discovery of her beauty. It’s a way of professing ownership of her sexuality and saying that she is confident, proud, and beautiful exactly the way she looks.

A boudoir photograph is advocacy for body positivity and self-love, capturing the features, curves, and flaws that make a woman beautiful. Some people also turn to boudoir photography to mark important milestones in their lives, such as pregnancy and other physical changes, as well as a way to celebrate overcoming hardships, such as sickness or domestic violence.

Who is Boudoir Photography For?

We often see boudoir photographs of celebrities, models, or other public personalities. However, this experience is not reserved for the famous, thin, or rich. Absolutely everyone can be the subject of a boudoir photograph — from doctors to lawyers and singles to mothers. Boudoir is for women of all sizes, bodies, colors, and ages.

Every woman has the right to celebrate their bodies and experience a journey that’s empowering and inspiring. Boudoir photography does just that. It enables women to discover their beauty, explore their sexuality and personality, and celebrate their womanhood.

Boudoir Photoshoot: An Overview

Women should treat themselves to a boudoir photoshoot every once in a while, but it can be a nerve-wracking experience. There’s always the feeling of being self-conscious, shy, or nervous — and that’s completely normal! Knowing what to expect can help ease the nerves.

A boudoir photoshoot starts with preparation, which includes choosing the attire that makes the subject feel confident and sexy, getting their hair and makeup done, and prepping the location and props. A photographer experienced in boudoir will then guide the client through the process, directing them on poses that accentuate their best features, playing with lighting to highlight the body, and exploring different camera settings to get the best result.

A boudoir photo shoot is an environment with no negativity, judgment, or expectations. Women can be completely themselves and do what makes them feel powerful and beautiful. Throughout the process, they will feel like a queen and supermodel and discover love and appreciation for their bodies. It’s a liberating experience — all that’s required is to have fun!

Ready to treat yourself to a boudoir photoshoot and reinforce your love for yourself and your body? Let’s chat!


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