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The Best Thing About a Boudoir Bridal Shoot

If you are a bride-to-be, you might be swamped with planning your wedding. That means getting little or no ‘me time’ in the weeks or months leading up to the great day. However, you should slow down and get the best out of the ride while still planning your wedding. Scheduling a bridal boudoir photo session is one of the best ways to treat yourself (and your future spouse too). Besides having beautiful photos of yourself to mark your special day, here are other benefits of a pre-wedding boudoir photo shoot in Long Island, NY.

Boosting your Bridal Confidence

The best thing about boudoir photography is that it helps you see yourself in a different light, and shows you that you are enough, even without changing anything. That means feeling comfortable in your skin. Brides who go for these sessions always leave feeling empowered, sexy, and beautiful, which is the best way to boost self-confidence. When you are confident in yourself, you will be better prepared to be the center of attention on your wedding day!

Celebrating Yourself

A boudoir shoot produces amazing photos that reflect how incredible you are, which is the perfect way to celebrate yourself. The session allows you to learn more about yourself, show off your personality and unique characteristics, and create memories that will last forever!

Shopping for the Lingerie and Outfits You Love

A bridal boudoir shoot is an excellent excuse to go shopping for some new lingerie and sexy outfits. Whatever you buy can be used on your wedding night, honeymoon or date nights with your significant other! You can gift your spouse an album, wall art, prints, or other keepsakes from your boudoir shoot while wearing some of the outfits featured.

Surprising Your Significant Other

Boudoir photographs are intimate, personal items that make the perfect wedding gift for your significant other. They might not be much of a surprise to you, but your loved one will be thrilled with the beautiful and sexy photos of their future wife. Keep your shoot a secret and catch him or her off guard with the final keepsake! Alli Murphy Photography offers so many gorgeous print products, including a variety of luxury albums, wall art, a bedside block, a calendar, photo playing cards, and much more!

Preparing You for The Time in Front of The Camera

Boudoir photography is an intimate experience during which you grow comfortable with a photographer. The session involves a lot of guidance and trust, allowing you to connect with the photographer and let your true self show. The empowerment from the session will carry you through to your wedding day. Your confidence in front of the cameras will show in all your wedding photos, which is invaluable!

The Bottom Line

Your wedding day is a special and memorable day in your life. You should feel your best, most sexy, and most desirable. Whether you want to carry that feeling for yourself or create a sensual gift for your future spouse before the ceremony, a bridal boudoir shoot is a wonderful experience to help you prepare for and add to the thrill of wedding planning. It also helps you capture the special glow you have from being in love, and the excitement that comes with moving forward to a new stage of your life.


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