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Tips for Classic Maternity Boudoir Photography

Maternity boudoir photography is ideal for expectant mothers to show off their baby bump and capture photos of their beautiful body while growing and nurturing the child inside. The photos also help in boosting confidence in their changing body, while celebrating the momentous occasion. A woman can truly connect with and show off her feminine side! In this post, we share some tips to help make your maternity boudoir photography session nothing short of a success.

Pick Outfits that Accentuate Curves

We always encourage our clients to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, but we want to make sure we are highlighting all the right curves! Ethereal pieces like a chiffon or lace, full-length gown or robe are beautiful choices for maternity boudoir. A full tulle skirt (worn under the belly) with a bra highlights the baby bump nicely. Clients can also use scarves or bed sheets for a more playful boudoir session, or go nude for truly stunning silhouette photos! Don’t forget to show off your personality and unique style with your outfits and accessories!

Gestational Timing

Technically you can do maternity boudoir photography in Las Vegas at any point in your pregnancy - it’s really a personal preference. However, we find the best photos are produced when a client comes in between 25 and 35 weeks of gestation. You want to be at your most comfortable point in pregnancy when you’re feeling your best - past morning sickness and other early-pregnancy woes, but not so close to your due date that you’re generally achy or at a higher risk of going into labor. Most women want their bump to be big enough that pregnancy is very obvious - but again, it’s up to you and what you want!

Consider Using Simple Props

Simple props often complement the maternity theme. Baby clothes, shoes, and small toys make excellent choices. Some mothers-to-be like to incorporate the sonogram photos into their shoot! Remember to keep props simple and small so as not to attract all the attention, but rather add to the mood of the photos.

Include your Significant Other

Pregnancy is about both partners venturing into a great chapter of life together. At Alli Murphy Photography, we offer couples boudoir shoots that may include both parents! It’s beautiful to show the love and intimacy shared between partners as they get ready to welcome their baby into the world.

Maternity boudoir photography allows you to capture a unique and beautiful phase of your life. You deserve to feel sexy and beautiful while your body grows and changes. You are carrying a miracle and should be celebrated!


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