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Boudoir Photography Hair and Makeup Ideas - Getting Glam in Front of the Camera

Boudoir photography is a type of glamour photography where portrait images are used in romantic relationships. It can be done as a special occasion or just for fun. A boudoir photographer will often work with hair and makeup stylists to create an overall beautiful, sexy, and glamorous aesthetic. There are a lot of hair and makeup ideas — from natural looks to dramatic looks — listed here, so you can find what works best for you.

The Perfect Hair and Makeup for Boudoir Photography

Boudoir hair and makeup ideas will help you in creating a look that is timeless, chic, and sexy, yet elegant. Perfect boudoir photography requires both the hair and makeup to be done well.

Boudoir photography is about making the model look her best, so choose a hairstyle and makeup to accentuate the positive aspects of your face, like your eyes, lips, cheekbones.

Consider having your hairstylist do a braid or updo for the session. You can have a natural-looking curl in your hair rather than an all-over curling iron look that may be too much for your images. You can also braid your hair before the photoshoot, then let it down for a more romantic look.

Choose a lip color appropriate to wear during the day because it will be photographed — make sure the color looks good in photos. It's also important to select an eyeshadow color that will look great on camera and bring out your eyes without looking too dramatic.

It's also helpful to get your hair, makeup, and nails done before the actual boudoir photoshoot, so you know what looks best on camera.

Hair and Makeup Ideas

Anyone can be a model, especially if they have great hair and makeup that flatters their face shape and fits their features. This can help a photographer bring out your personality in the images when combined with the right pose.

The following are some boudoir photography hair and makeup ideas that will help you look your best in front of the camera:

  • Start with a clean face and moisturize well before applying any makeup. It will give your makeup something to adhere to and make it last longer.

  • Make sure your hairstyle is done well. When you're looking for hair ideas, choose one that is easy to maintain throughout the shoot.

  • Apply a light foundation all over your face using a sponge or brush. It will help even out skin tone and cover any blemishes.

  • Using an eyeshadow in a neutral color such as champagne, bronze, or taupe, apply it all over your eyelids, up to the crease. This will help set the stage for a natural eye makeup look.

  • Apply blush lightly along cheekbones for contouring purposes, so your makeup looks natural.

With these ideas, you'll be sure to love boudoir hair and makeup styles that look great in photography.

Final Words

Boudoir photography is a great way to celebrate your body and femininity. If you are interested in getting a boudoir photography session, you will need to invest some time and energy into your hair and makeup. These were just a few hairstyling tips and suggestions for makeup that might work best if you are planning on wearing them during the photo shoot. Remember to have fun; boudoir is about enjoying the process and feeling like your most beautiful self. Have any questions about styling or booking? Let us know. We'd love to help you get glam in front of the camera.


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